General Pricing for Home Inspections

Inspector Ray does not affix prices based on location or selling price. Our prices are based upon the size and the complexity of the home.  Inspector Ray prefers to look at the home using online resources before assessing an inspection fee and thus he can provide accurate and reasonable prices. Remember, we keep our overhead low and rely on referrals so that we can offer reasonable pricing and still provide unsurpassed Home Inspection Services!

Fees range as low as $285.00 for a condo to $340.00 for a town home or $385.00 for a typical split-level and as much as $500.00 or more for larger dwellings. Aspects such as normal sized sheds or small outbuildings can be included in the inspection fee, however, comprehensive inspections of larger outbuildings and water front aspects may have additional assessment fees applied. Please observe the following homes so that you may have a general idea of the inspection price that may be assessed on the home you are purchasing:

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General Pricing Guide 2


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