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A small leak can cause some big problems.

Home Inspections became a real necessity in the early 1960’s as Americans transitioned from the agricultural age and the industrial era to modern life styles where most people are trained to be specialists in one field of business or the other. It is not uncommon for people to rely on others to maintain their homes and very few people have a good understanding of the construction principles, electrical aspects, plumbing, roofing and mechanical systems within their homes.

Zink Home Consultants relies on construction experience, homeownership, training and experience to assist clients in garnering first-hand knowledge of the homes they are purchasing.

What is Inspected?

Virtually everything and anything within a home that can be reasonably and safely accessed is inspected. Our goal is to provide our clients with an overall evaluation of the general condition of the home they are purchasing.

While the State of Maryland has put forth guidelines for inspectors to follow, Inspector Ray often exceeded these guidelines in an attempt to report as much pertinent information on the home to the client as reasonably possible.

An inspection of this improper vent pipe could have prevented such a house fire.
An inspection of this improper vent pipe could have prevented such a house fire.

Our reports average around 28 to 35 pages and cover the roof to the foundation as well as related exterior detached components. The report has approximately 54 sections and each section is broken down to cover its central components. View Sample Report.

A Few of the Aspects we Inspect:

Roofing · Gutters · Attics · Foundations · Basements · Crawl Spaces · Heating & Cooling Systems
Walls, Ceilings, Floors · Stature Aspects · Electrical Components · Plumbing Systems · Siding Roofing

Exterior Trim · Walks & Driveways · Porches & Steps · Garages · Balconies & Decks
Insulation · Doors and Windows · Sump Pumps · Attic Venting · Bathrooms · Appliances

Cabinetry · Grade · Stair Cases · Well heads · Plumbing Fixtures · Sprinkler Systems
Garbage Disposals · Dishwashers · Ranges and Ovens · Fixed Microwaves

Spigots · Drainage of fixtures · Filters · Window Wells · Detectors
Chimney Chases & Chimney Crowns · Undercarriage members

Bathtubs and Showers · Garage Door Openers
Rails and Banisters · Toilets · Attic framing

Virtually everything we can safely and reasonably get to!

What is not included in a Home Inspection?

Some of the aspects noted below may be commented upon and further evaluations may be recommended for them however, these aspects are not traditionally considered a part of the Home Inspection.

  • Door chimes – Low voltage wiring – Antenna or Dish functional – Cable TV & Internet
  • Environmental Aspects – Mold or Growth Spore Testing – Personal Safety Alarms – Tree Health
  • Quality of Water – Condition of hidden pipes and concealed plumbing – Municipal Services
  • Home Association & Condo Fees – Air Quality – Private Septic Aspects
  • Private Well Water Yield or related equipment – Added Water Filter & Treatment Systems
  • Concealed Wiring – Life Expectancies for Components – Home Warranties & Policies – Home Insurance Requirements
  • Lead paint testing – Asbestos fiber testing – Aspects not noted or included on the Home Inspection Form or not specifically required by DLLR regulations
  • Hidden wood members like those behind gutters – Window AC units – Future water seepage into foundation predictions or storm driven damage predictions
  • Additional living spaces or structures not part of main home inspection > may be briefly viewed but not exclusively reported upon unless a separate fee paid home inspection is conducted
  • Product Recalls – Property boundaries – Home Values – Handicap Accessibility – Conformity to new municipal requirements
  • Energy Costs – Child or Adult safety aspects – not visible flues and draft aspects – Hidden or concealed storage tanks
  • Property Liens – Compliance of past or prior renovations to codes

EZ to Read Inspection Reports

Inspector Ray’s Reports are EZ to read and use in your Real Estate Transaction. The Report has a Comprehensive Synopsis Photo section with comments that highlight “Condition Concerns” and also has a section that illustrates the general condition of the home’s major components and aspects.

Sample Condition Concern Report


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